Queering Policy: Contribute to the Rural England Policy Review

DATE: 31 July 2021

Through the Queer Rural Connections Project, we have been hearing about queer rural life across the UK, and we know there is some fantastic, inspiring work happening in rural communities to support gender diversity. We also know there are challenges. For example, we’ve heard a need for safe, accessible queer spaces, and better transport links so that queer people can travel easily to nearby towns and villages for inclusive events.

The UK Labour Party is inviting contributions to a Rural England Policy Review by July 31, 2021, and we think it is important for queer rural voices to be heard in this process! Please consider participating by clicking the link below.

AND as part of the Queer Rural Connections Project, we would like to crowdsource an inclusive, caring, and forward-thinking queer rural policy agenda. Whether or not you participate in the Labour review, please consider telling us what policy issues are important to you.

We will collate your responses and draft a policy report, open to comment and critique.

Things we’re thinking about include:

  • Queer rural spaces
  • Online resources and internet connectivity
  • Sexual health education and services
  • Queering heritage venues, museums, and archives
  • Transport links for greater mobility

Please tell us what you’re thinking about…!

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